Ways To De- Stress Your Approaching Due Date

You are in your final trimester, the baby is healthy with a strong heartbeat, the fanfare and baby showers are done, and everyone is expectantly sitting up on their toes awaiting the due date – what you and your partner might (privately) refer to as “D- Day” due to the stress it causes you both. Even forgetting that you have to undergo hours of painful labour while your partner can only watch helplessly, you are also reminded of the hundred other things that can go wrong along the way: your waters might break in the middle of work, you won’t be able to contact your partner or your partner might not be able to reach you, there will be traffic on the road which will make you late to get to the Dubai hospital which will cause complications and… All in all, it is always better to be prepared for any eventuality, so here’s what you can do to de- stress about d- day.

Do a Dry Run

This is absolutely critical when it comes to efficient transport to your birthing location. Whether it’s at your mother’s house, or a state- of- the- art hospital, a dry run will help you form an idea of the time you need to get from point A to point B. Do multiple dry runs if possible, trying alternate routes and times to determine which is the fastest. Also remember that you may go into labour wherever you are, so don’t limit your runs to your residence and the hospital. Think of other common locations you might be at, like work or a friend’s place or your favourite restaurant, and do dry runs from there too.

Pre- Plan Your Hospital Stay

In most places, your health insurance will cover hospital bills for maternity stays, but check on this before you have to hot- foot it to the emergency entrance. Know what your hospital and insurance offer and what they don’t. Many hospitals now offer maternity packages in Dubai that allow a wide range of facilities related to ante- natal and peri- natal care: doctor consultations, routine laboratory tests, ultra- sound scans, hospital stay, medication for baby and mother, post partum screening for the baby and sometimes, epidurals during the birthing. Some packages even include the MMR vaccination for Mumps, Measles and Rubella as it is one of the essential vaccinations for a baby.

Pack Your Luggage

Keep an overnight bag packed and ready near the front door up to anywhere from 2 weeks to one month from the due date. This will reduce last- minute hassle trying to stuff clothes and baby linen into a bag while your labour pains intensify. If you’re a frequent traveller, keep that bag in the vehicle you will use to get to the hospital. If you continue working right up to your delivery date, keep an extra overnight bag in your locker at work, just in case you go into labour there and don’t have time to go back home. You partner can always bring you more clothes if you need to stay longer than a day the hospital.