Top Professions In The Current Market

We all know that some college majors are better than others for finding jobs. If you are still an undeclared major, consider the following highly paid professions in the current market before you do:


An orthodontist is a dental specialist who has undergone extra training at dental school. They do more than just check your teeth for cavities. They are highly skilled in performing dental surgeries using advanced technology like laser dentistry. They are very lucratively compensated for their specialized set of skills.

Cardiothoracic Surgeon

Like laser dentistry in Dubai orthodontists, cardiothoracic surgeons are specialist doctors who operate in the heart and chest area. Surgeries in this region, which includes the heart and the lungs, can be quite dangerous and sensitive and thus require a significant amount of skill. Additionally, with chronic conditions like heart disease reaching to record highs, the demand for cardiothoracic surgeons are quite high, making this medical profession one of the best paid in the world.


Even when the economy took a downturn with the 2008 recession, job openings for accountants never ceased. Accountants take care of financial transactions at businesses and organizations where some sort of monetary transaction takes place. There’s always high demand for accountants. Accountants who have advanced degrees are one of the best paid professions in the world today.

Computer Engineer

As technology advances, most businesses and companies are in need of computer engineers. Computer engineers can fix complicated machinery, invent new technology, and are necessary to keep technology-dependent businesses and networks afloat. Computer engineers are often highly skilled with advanced degrees in math or science; therefore they are lucratively paid for services rendered.


Programmers work the magic behind many of the software we use today. Programmers can create amazing user-friendly technology like the voice of Siri or Cortana you hear on your phone, to the ad blocker you use on your web browser. With more people using computers and handheld devices today, programmers are needed more than ever. Businesses, governments and nonprofits all pay massive salaries for highly skilled programmers.

Petroleum Engineer

Petroleum engineers work for rich oil companies and help them find new oil reservoirs and invest new ways to process fuel. They are absolutely essential for oil companies and are thus one of the highest paid careers in the world. Petroleum engineers are highly trained scientists, who have advanced degrees in chemistry and possibly other fields like computer science and physics.

We often think lawyers and CEOs are often paid the most, but one look at the above list and you will see that it is not the case. In any case, modern society rewards those with advanced degrees.