Saving Money On Your Water Bills

Are you having trouble keeping your water bills where they need to be? Well, that is completely normal, and you can’t be blamed for it can you. After all, you are doing everything you can to reduce the cost of it. Are you really, though? There is actually a whole range of things that you can do which you probably don’t! Here are a few of them that will make you wonder how in the world you didn’t think of them before. One of the most obvious is that you should turn off the tap while you are brushing your teeth.

Turn off those taps

This doesn’t seem like it is going to do much until you take a look at the numbers. Turning the tap off while you brush actually saves 6 liters of water every minute that it is off! You can also use a displacement valve in the cistern of your toilet. This allows for the water supply to the cistern to turn off when there is a certain level of water in the tank. This means that the amount of water used per flush of the toilet is drastically reduced. These two alone could cost you more than an AC service in Dubai every day for the rest of your life.

Stop taking long showers

Showers are another huge cost that can be cut down to almost nothing. When you shower, you can lose almost 45 liters a minute depending on the strength of the water pressure. If you could shorten the length of your showers to a few minutes instead of sitting in there wasting time thinking about the next episode of that gorgeous TV show you are watching, you could actually save enough money to get that AC service you have been wanting for so long. In addition to this, you could try cutting down on the frequency with which you wash your clothes. Instead of wasting all of that water on a load of about 10 pairs of t-shirts, why not wait until you have a complete load to put into the machine?

Dripping taps are also a source of unnecessary costs. If the tap in your garden or even your kitchen is dripping, it can cost you as much as 5,500 liters of water a year! You do not need this kind of expense in your life. Another helpful tip to save up on the cost of the water wasted on your garden every day is to have a barrel (known as a butte) on your drainpipes. This will collect rainwater and can be fitted with a pump and a hose in order to supply you with the water you need to water your plants.