Most Famous Drugs And Drinks In The World

No matter how much people are aware of the consequences of using drugs or drinks, it’s kind of hard for them to stop it. This is why people say they are addicted to drugs and drinks. As we all know, using drugs can be more harmful than using drinks. Here are some famous drugs and drinks which have invaded the world. Read this article to find out more about cigarette machinery.
Beer – This is one of the most famous liquor in the world. Some time ago, people thought beer was only for some particular group of people. But when it comes to present, almost all the people use beers. Moreover, this has well-advertised on television also. So, today there is a belief that drinking beer is a very ordinary thing. But, we shouldn’t forget that as same as other drinks, beer also causes side effects such as cancer, diabetes, heart attack and etc. The thing about beer is not only men but also women are tended to use beer at present. This has become something classy in the 21st century.
Cocaine – One of the most dangerous drugs ever created. This can totally destroy one’s life. Unlike beer or other drinks, cocaine is an illegal drug. When it comes to using this drug, it can be inhaled, snorted or injected into veins. Cocaine takes the user to kind of a delirium state. You will be happy or agitated for no reason. The causes of using cocaine are heart attacks, sweating and high blood pressure.
Cigars – Another famous and common drug among the people. Earlier, generally males used cigarettes but now there are women who also use cigarettes. Inside a cigarette, there are finely cut tobacco leaves. This is why cigarettes produce disgusting ordure. To tell how much cigarette is famous in the world, there is an organization called ITM, International Tobacco Machinery.
The head office of ITM is in the Netherlands. International Tobacco Machinery manufactures machines for tobacco industry such as for cutting, slicing, drying and etc.
Meth – Meth or Methamphetamine which is another most dangerous drug in the world. This is also called as ‘blue crystal’ meth highly affects the central nervous system and this is mainly used as a recreational drug. However, meth is allowed to be used by the United States Food and Drug Administration for the obesity of children and adults and also for the deficit hyperactivity disorder. Once there was also a TV series on production of meth, called ‘Breaking Bad’. This show won the attention of the people from all around the world and got many awards.