How To Manage Your Housefly Problem

Houseflies are so annoying. All they do is buzz around all day, rubbing their dirty little hands together like some evil supervillain plotting their next stink bomb attack on Manhattan. If you have a problem with flies in your home, the reason is that there are unclean parts of your come. There are only a few steps that need to be taken when it comes to controlling the flies in your house, and the first of these is sanitation. Of course, there are the more drastic methods that can be used if the flies are really being a bother. These include sprays, pesticides and bait. Fly traps are a commonly used form of pest control, as are the electronic lights that glow blue and zap unsuspecting pests to kingdom come.


This really is the first line of attack troops. When it comes to flies control is just as important as extermination. You need to control the source of the flies in order to get rid of them. The most common source of flies coming into your home is uncovered food. Flies tend to lay their eggs on food like this because as soon as the eggs hatch the larvae have a source of nutrition till they mature. While you can kill the adult fly with a swatter every time you see one, they will just keep coming until your swatter breaks from the exhaustion. Instead of this pointless endeavor, you could simply get rid of their food, leading to less eggs being laid and way less flies actually entering your home and buzzing around your ears cackling like madmen.


Houseflies are huge fans of spots where there is direct sunlight. Proper flies control depends on you knowing exactly how they operate. To do this you need to make sure that you know their nesting habits. In the daytime, flies love to sunbathe resting on surfaces where there is a lot of light, heat and warmth. It’s why some moths are attracted to lightbulbs and bonfires. At night, the flies come back under the eaves of the house to get some rest after a rewarding day of foraging and bothering the humans.

There are contact based insecticides for sale that you can use to spray the places you think they rest in. When they land here, they are immediately poisoned and die. Spray these surfaces generously, but try not to let the insecticide pool and have a hazardous area in your home to poison your kids.